BoCo Strong works to increase the web of connections among individuals, organizations and governments across Boulder County in ways that will foster inclusivity, increase disaster resilience, and build vibrant and prosperous communities. We define resilience as the capability to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce forward rapidly by adapting and learning in the face of disruptive shocks and stresses. Our programming seeks to support and facilitate the individual, organizational, and governmental relationships that strengthen our collective capacity in Boulder County, to maximize resources, and to prevent unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Gatherings and Happenings


Afternoon Sessions

Unshockable: Building Prepared Communities As the number of natural disasters continues to increase, individual preparedness messaging is no longer enough. ...

BoCo Strong was created with the purpose of building a culture of resilience throughout Boulder County. It formed in the wake of the 2013 flood; beginning as a sub-committee of the long-term flood recovery group (LTFRG). After a natural disaster, the main focus is typically on restoring physical infrastructure and making it more resilient while social infrastructure is frequently ignored or forgotten. In recognition of the important role that relationships between family, friends, colleagues, and organizations play in recovery and resilience, BoCo Strong focuses on building social capital, increasing connections and fostering cooperation around already existing social networks.

Resilience Summit

Building Capacity


Morning Session #1

Resilience Summit Morning Session #1 The BoCo Strong Resilience Summit 2017 kicked off with workshops focused on expanding organizational capacity ...

The Latest Connections


2017 Resilience Summit!

When? September 28th, 2017 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Where? Boulder Jewish Community Center 6007 Oreg Ave RSVP HERE Or ...

Are You READY Longmont?

The Longmont Office of Emergency Management is rolling out an exciting new schedule of emergency preparedness classes. Spearheaded under the ...

Collective Impact Working Groups

We’re seeing a lot of amazing collaborations popping up around the county. Established networks such as the Community Foundation-supported Boulder County ...

Culture Vs. Disaster

Community is always multi-faceted. It is a constant negotiation between the individual in relation to the group. And it can ...

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