2016 Resilience Summit

Thanks for Coming!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended this year’s Resilience Summit!

You all deserve a huge round of applause for all of the hard work that you put in throughout the entire day. We learned a lot, shared, and made a ton of great connections.

We learned a lot from the keynote speaker, Daniel Aldrich, but one of my favorite comments afterwards was, “Thank you for getting someone so articulate to talk about what we’re doing!” It was really inspiring to see everyone so energized by his talk and ready to retackle their own community connection projects whether large or small.

And one of the best things to leave with after the workshop and community discussion, was everyone’s individual commitments to resilience. Here are just a few of them:

I commit to…

Be a part of a collaborative that builds/finds/grows a wiki-map

To establish a community climate resilience and adaptation and sustainability center

Learn more about BoCo Strong

Share what I learned at this meeting with other people

Within a year, I will create a small front yard garden

I will spearhead a neighborhood gathering that includes food and some form of artistic expression

Organizing a block or neighborhood party in the next year, with the goal of creating an annual or quarterly event

Continue helping citizens of our community with resources for flood assistance, housing and educate them on the different resources that are available within the community and that they’re able to utilize

To continue to be a partner and advocator to further build county-wide resilience

Identifying new outreach strategies for my organization to create increased participation from the community

We’ll have lots more content and interactive work from the summit to look forward to, so check back soon. But in the meantime, here is a link to all of the strategies and discussion output that came from the afternoon’s work: 2016 Summit Data

As always, please share your thoughts and I look forward to what we’ll build together.

And thanks for a kick-ass day.



Congratulate our Award Winners!!

Gosh Golly Gee Whiz! We received some absolutely magnificent nominations for the Resilience Awards this year!

It was almost (and in some cases actually) impossible to choose just one in each of the eight categories.

This year’s winners were, in order of award:


Allen Saville, Pinebrook Hills

Maeve Conran, KGNU Community Radio


Boulder Small Business Development Center

Health and Social

El Centro Amistad


Tracy DeFrancesco, City of Longmont


Mountain Emergency Radio Network

Watershed and Natural Resources

Wildland Restoration Volunteers


Environment for the Americas Youth Ambassadors