Unshockable: Building Prepared Communities

  • As the number of natural disasters continues to increase, individual preparedness messaging is no longer enough. Recognizing that neighborhood connections and relationships create a robust defense for sudden shocks, these panelists will discuss the latest in community and training to not only survive, but thrive in the face of disruption.
  • Speakers: Mackenzie Boli, City of Boulder; Shayle Nelson, Larimer County; Emily Gubler/Toshen Golias, Lyons Prepared



Leading to Change: Impacts of Local and Community Leadership

  • Strong local leadership is a key part of resilience. When policy makers and community advocates are setting the pace, we all are stronger. This panel features leaders of community projects that are making an impact in their various areas. Their work showcases different methods of leadership that builds strong connections and local advocacy. Together they will speak about ways to identify and support local leaders to create positive and resilient change for communities around Boulder County.
  • Speakers: Mardi Moore, Out Boulder; Manuela Sifuentes, CU Engage; Celina Esekawu, Sister Carmen

Framing and Measuring Success: How We Define and Measure Resilience

  • How do we define and measure success when resilience encompasses so many different types of systems not to mention social processes? This panel will offer a diversity of thinking on how to define, frame, and analyze resilience from experts in the field. Together they will discuss not only challenges for measurement but also how to approach the impact of social relationships and more qualitative data.
  • Speakers: Iain Hyde, Colorado State Office of Resilience and Recovery; Paty Romero Lankao UCAR & Rachel Norton, UC Denver; Molly O’Donnell, City of Longmont