Award Nominations

Announcing Our 2016 Award Nominees

BoCo Strong is thrilled to announce the nominees for the 2016 Resilience Awards. Recognizing the complexities of building resilience, and the importance of working across sectors on key issues, nominations from community members went to organizations, groups, or individuals who are making an impact for resilience in the following categories: Community, Human Services, Housing, Infrastructure, Watershed and Natural Resources, Economic, and Youth.

This year’s Resilience Award Nominees represent organizations, groups, or individuals who are working to strengthen the systems, relationships, and communication pathways in Boulder County. The variety of skills, resources, and capacities demonstrated by these nominees shows clearly that resilience is not built from a singular entity, program, or project, but is rather a reflection of how our collective connections and diversity of abilities, cultures, and knowledge help our communities thrive.

Economic Resilience Nominees

Economic resiliency is the ability of a system, market, business or organization to maintain function and absorb rebound from immediate stress or shock. Pieces that play into economic resiliency include business continuity plans, back-up electronic files, telecommunications redundancies, and a healthy/mobile/trained workforce. Businesses or organizations nominated for the economic resilience award can be from diverse industries, and have built strong partnerships, effective preparedness, and have ongoing regular community engagement and support activities.

Community Resilience Nominees

A resilient community is one in which community members are involved and have the relationships, resources, and information necessary to adapt and thrive in the face of ongoing and sudden shocks and stresses. A strong community does not use a top down approach, but includes different sectors and community voices in decision-making, disaster preparedness, and planning efforts. The BoCo Strong Community Resilience Award will go to a community leader or community-led project that is inclusive of multiple types of people, creates partnerships across sectors or between jurisdictions, and opens opportunities for governments, or organizations to identify and solve problems that affect the community.

Health and Social Resilience Nominees

A resilient health and social service system is one which the health and well-being of a community is a shared responsibility among all levels of society. Healthier lifestyles, better physical and mental health, preventative care, improved recovery from illness, fewer limitations in daily living, more social cohesion and engagement, and improved quality of life are all dimensions of a resilient health and social system. Communities, organizations, groups, or businesses nominated for the health and social resilience award have completed projects or are doing work aimed at improving the quality of life and bettering the physical and mental health of the community and or individuals they serve.

Housing Resilience Nominees

Resilient housing includes durable construction materials and design features that incorporate energy efficiency and limit the impacts of natural disasters. Housing developments or neighborhoods that include asses to community support systems or on-site renewable energy sources increase resiliency by fostering residents’ self-reliance. Housing resiliency also encompasses issues of affordability and access to community assets. Resilient housing is beneficial to the community because homes can be more affordable to operate, use fewer resources, and provide longer-lasting value to the owner and broader community. Projects, organizations, or communities nominated for the housing resilience award have made progress towards creating more resilient housing infrastructure for the individuals and communities they serve.

Watershed and Natural Resource Resilience Nominees

Resilient watersheds allow the natural resources within them to thrive and evolve by withstanding disturbances over time. Healthy watersheds and natural habitat retain their structure, functions, and ecosystematic support services in the face of shocks and stresses to protect communities and natural resources. BoCo Strong’s Watershed and Natural Resources Resilience Award will go to an organization, community project, or business that is working to strengthen the functions of a watershed or natural resource, protecting flood plains and water quality, and/or educating communities about natural systems and resilience in the face of environmental hazards.

Infrastructure Resilience Nominees

Resilient infrastructure is designed, maintained, and managed to not only withstand, but to rebound from disasters and shock events. It is also part of a network of infrastructure that through the resilience of its component parts is able to bounce back quickly from acute stresses. BoCo Strong’s resilient infrastructure award will go to a business, government, or organization that is focused on minimizing disruptions to critical infrastructure, meeting community needs in the face of hazards, and creating multiple benefits for people and communities, environmental protection, and economic growth.

Youth Resilience Nominees

Resilient adolescents and youth are able to positively meet challenges, manage adversities, and thrive in varied circumstances. These youths have been able to develop relationships with mentors, are constructively engaged in their community, and able to make productive decisions about addressing challenges. BoCo Strong’s youth resilience award will go to an individual that is connected to and engaged in their community and that is helping or working to increase connections for others.

2015 Resilience Award Winners

BoCo Strong was honored to hold its first annual Resilience Awards Ceremony on September 24th, 2015 following the first annual Resilience Summit. More press coverage can be found here

There were over 30 nominees from around Boulder County who were selected in honor of their outstanding service and commitment to building resilience for their communities. It was a difficult choice, but the winners were as follows:

Youth Resilience Leader

  • Sierra Tucker

Business Leader

Nonprofit Leader

Community Projects

Community Leaders

  • Amy Hardy
  • Terry Parrish