Community-Driven Climate Resilience

Take some time to check out Kresge’s Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework! It is incredibly exciting to see the emphasis placed on community-based decision making and support for highly inclusive democratic process.

Community-Driven Planning

As the impacts of climate disruption are increasingly felt by U.S. cities, local governments are beginning to engage in climate resilience planning. Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning complements public sector planning efforts. It is the process by which residents of vulnerable and impacted communities define for themselves the complex climate challenges they face, and the climate solutions most relevant to their unique assets and threats.

Graphic 1.1, “The Engine of Climate Resilience Planning,” outlines three essential capacities needed for communities to effectively address climate impacts:

  1. The capacity to put forward a vision of climate resilience and assert a set of community priorities that flows from that vision
  2. The capacity to assess community vulnerabilities and assets and develop (or select) appropriate solutions based on a community’s unique experience
  3. The capacity to build community voice and power to get those climate solutions resourced and implemented When climate resilience planning processes are conducted without community capacity to vision and to build power, they can become empty investments, simply producing a plan that sits on a shelf with little chance of being implemented. Thus, all three capacities are required to set climate resilience into motion.

Read the rest of the strategies and principles from the Kresge Foundation‘s Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework: