Community Engagement Workshop

We had a fantastic time at our community engagement workshop on May 18th! We wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated especially because we all had to dodge snowflakes the size of dinner plates just to get there. If you would like to participate in a discussion group to support each other and share stories, projects, and ideas around Community Engagement, then join the conversation at Resilient Together and Tiernan will get you added to the BoCo Strong workshop group.

Why Community Engagement?

Engaging across sectors, geographies, and all types of boundaries helps us to build resilience in many ways. When we create, implement, and participate in meaningful engagement processes, great things happen! We collaborate on decisions that impact the future of our cities. Our neighborhoods become stronger. And we establish new connections between individuals, organizations, and local government.

Creation of and participation in community engagement processes builds an incredible foundation for change. Fostering new relationships makes our communities stronger. By communicating with each other we open our eyes to the knowledge and skills that exist in the people around us. When engaging inclusively we can shift our thinking, become more flexible, and increase the value of final decisions. And finally, we can begin the crucial process of empowering input from all voices in order to connect large to small, powerful to marginalized.

Bottom line: Community engagement can never be just an after thought. If you’re doing work that impacts others, then making sure they’re included is critical for success on both sides.

The Content

Our workshop was built around six key steps for community engagement, and expanded with activities. Check out the slides below and email us if you have any questions.

 Want to Engage Online?

If you have a project in mind and would like to try out some interactive digital tools, then think about setting up a project on Resilient Together. This is an online platform that we offer to partners that have a resilience-related project that they want to build an online community around. We’re here to talk you through the process and help you brainstorm some creative outreach.

Case Studies

This report from the Knight Foundation provides some fantastic examples of how community engagement changes cities and neighborhoods. It also highlights how many different ways there are to provoke and sustain engagement.

Community Engagement Toolkit

And last, but not least, take a spin through this Community Engagement Toolkit from Leading Inside Out and the Collective Impact Forum. It has some great step-by-step exercises to help make your engagement strategic and thoughtful.