Happy ‪#‎EarthDay‬ 2016!!

We are so honored to have been awarded with Climate Culture Collaborative – C3 Boulder‘s Earth Champion award in the Collaboration category! It was a fantastic evening at Etown, where the Youth Challenge took center stage, and Michael Brune of the Sierra Club inspired us all. Our biggest takeaway was how much impact collaboration is already making in Boulder and across the county! Passion for causes of all sorts is bringing people together for some wonderfully innovative and exciting projects.

So as the Paris Agreement is signed in New York, let’s keep up the good work and continue inspiring, connecting, and building with one another! By fostering relationships, working for and with the places that we live, sharing skills and knowledge with one another, we increase our transformative capacity, and open ourselves to limitless possibility.

With this Earth Champion award, we are more dedicated than ever to helping the people of Boulder County understand the impact that we have on one another, the effect that our actions have on our community, and the immense facility and capacity that collaborative action creates. Reach out a hand!  Get in touch! Together we can do anything.