Brainfoods Boulder

Brainfoods is built on the idea that we have access to an amazing community of friends and friends of friends, but we rarely get to hear details about the interesting things they know about. It’s also built on the belief that everyone has an interesting talk (or 10!) in them.

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Brainfoods Boulder is a monthly chance to get to meet with a community of like-minded lifelong learners and hear a few talks from a few members of the community. It’s casual, fun, and has snacks (who doesn’t love community and snacks?!). Feel free to BYOB or other beverages, and come join this free event to feed our brains!

Our July speakers are Nancy Schoemann about her time working with 44, and Kylie Gettleman on our food systems and community development through food access. See their bios and talk descriptions on our website soon!

Feel free to invite any friends or show up even if you didn’t sign up…. though it would be VERY helpful if you signed up so we could get an idea about numbers! And so the lovely Where There Be Dragons team, who are sponsoring and hosting the event, can get the right amount of snacks…. we don’t want to be under snacked!!

Hope to see you then!

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