Dance 2B Free

Lucy Wallace joins HCC to share her experience in D2BF with a brief video, discussion, and opportunity for questions.

Dance 2B Free (D2BF) shares the healing power of dance with women in prison nationwide. Through our DVD and Teacher-Training program, D2BF uses cathartic choreography and emotional music with women serving short and long term sentences; we address needs for movement/fitness, trauma recovery, leadership, and community building. Through our teacher-training curriculum, D2BF also provides women with healthy lifestyle choices and tangible skills while they remain in prison and when they re-enter their communities.

Lucy is a teacher at Alchemy Movement in Boulder, Colorado. In 2015 she Co-Founded Dance 2B Free, launching the program in The Women’s Correctional Facility in Denver.

Ticket includes: gourmet lunch, dessert, + discussion.

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