Mission to Hope Community Walk 2017

On December 2nd 2017 our community (those with housing and those without) will come together to walk from Catholic Charities Mission to the Murphy Center of Hope—A walk that many of the guests we serve make every day. This walk will help us come together as a united community, raise awareness for homelessness, and serve as a fundraiser for the Murphy Center. Walk, bring friends or family members and/or sponsor a guest of the MC to participate in the event.

This event will happen no matter what the weather unless driving conditions would endanger participatants getting to and from the event. We will make arrangements to give our participants a heads up if we have to cancel due to weather. The walk is approximately .8 (8 tenths) of one mile long. Transportation will not be provided back to the starting point so all walkers need to plan accordingly.

The event will begin at Catholic Charities Mission at 8:15 AM and end with an open house at the Murphy Center until 11:00 AM. This will give all members of our community the chance to tour the Murphy Center and learn more about the agencies that provide services there. Guests of the MC (those receiving services) who participate in the walk and would like to stay will enjoy a casual lunch at 11:00 AM with the event and building closing at noon.

If you are looking for an additional way to help benefit the people we serve, we encourage participating in a gear donation in conjunction with the walk. Please feel free to pack along with you any high demand winter items (listed below). Just like the guests we serve, you must carry these items with you for the length of the walk, where you can then drop off your donations at the Murphy Center at the end. Items that are in high demand for winter months include:

Hats, gloves, socks, footwear, jackets, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, blankets, hand-warmers, tents/tarps, coats, backpacks, and daypacks.

Are you an individual, business, or ogranization that would be interested in sponsoring our event? Event sponsorships start at $500. Call Ken at 970-581-4921 or contact Ken@HomelessGear.org and I can tell you more!!

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