BoCo Strong is all about building relationships that will help us thrive when life or disaster try to stop us in our tracks.

Emerging out of the 2013 floods, we saw how vital connections were to our recovery:

  • Getting to know our neighbors meant that we have first responders right next door.
  • Connecting to non-profits around the county allowed us to access resources when we didn't have what we needed.
  • Familiarizing ourselves with local government and policy makers meant that we could advocate for any changes that needed to be made.

If we're going to be all wonky about it, this is technically called building social capital. Research shows that social capital has far reaching impacts on mental health, community cohesion, and even economic stability. In practice, this means that we are passionate about connecting people and organizations, building new skills, and integrating knowledge and resilience building projects around Boulder County.

Strengthening Community


Collective Impact Working Groups

So far we've piloted a resilience leadership program to cover identified gaps in community capacity and created a countywide resilience assessment to look at gaps and strengths. We also hold regular workshops to build organizational skills and networks, and strive everyday to find and connect people working on great things around the county.

Building Capacity


Collective Impact Working Groups

We’re seeing a lot of amazing collaborations popping up around the county. Established networks such as the Community Foundation-supported Boulder County ...

While sustainability is about making existing systems better, resilience is about creating strength in the face of change. And by connecting with one another, we give each other the support and resources that we need in order to transform, innovate, and thrive in the face of disruption.

Connecting to Thrive


Community Engagement Workshop

We had a fantastic time at our community engagement workshop on May 18th! We wanted to say a huge thank ...

Group Learning Workshop

Why Group Learning and Decision Making? This workshop was suggested by attendees of last year’s Resilience Summit. They saw this as ...

Resilience Summit 2016!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended this year’s Resilience Summit! You all deserve a huge round ...

Fire! Water! People!

How do you build resilience to fire, flood, and create new community ties in the process? Well we turned to ...

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