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Resilience in Action


Creating Youth Preparedness in Longmont

How Prepared Are Your Children for a Disaster? That’s the question that occupies Mariah Hensel, a Ready Corp Member with ...

The Resilience Network

The BoCo Strong Resilience Network builds relationships across all sectors and at all levels by connecting people from the diverse communities and work places of Boulder County. We have so many people doing great things that we want to make sure they are aware of each other! The number one need that we hear again and again is for information sharing and inclusive data distribution: We need to build and maintain meaningful relationships and strengthen each other’s efforts instead of duplicating work. Because of this, we work to help resilience workers cut through the overwhelming amount of information and create targeted connections with people who can help or are working on similar projects. We are committed to sharing critical information and figuring out ways to implement lessons learned. We strive to build the will for implementing resilience best practices for communities, organizations, and local government. And we facilitate data collection and analysis so we can identify and work to solve any gaps in our systems. All of this is done through skill building workshops, interviews with partner organizations, research on shared toolsets and best practices, and data collection from around the county.

Our goal with this work is to make sure that communities of Boulder County are not growing in isolation. Rather, we want to recognize that we work better when we work together. Our collective resources can be better directed toward partnerships and innovative programs that strengthen people and places cooperatively rather than recreating similar projects. As we share knowledge and lessons learned across all geographic, cultural, social, and professional communities of Boulder County, we can increase our transformative capacity to not only adapt to future shocks and stressors, but to thrive in the face of disruption.


Have something to say? Check out the features at Resilient Together to provide feedback on resilience projects from around the county; share your thoughts on building resilience; and apply for programs.


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Project Coordinator: Tiernan Doyle

Working from a background of too much school and experience with community organizing, Tiernan focuses on empowering relationships between people and organizations that will increase access to resources and make our systems more open and adaptive. Helping to establish and run Boulder Flood Relief during the 2013 floods, she is closely tied to the diverse communities of Boulder County and dedicated to supporting neighborhood connections, sharing information, and advocating for projects that reach across sectorial and municipal boundaries. As a Project Coordinator for BoCo Strong, Tiernan Doyle works on community powered disaster response for the VOAD, and creating relationships that bridge community and sectoral divides with the Resilience Network.

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