Better Together Louisville 2


Location: Louisville Alfalfa’s

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The workshops must be taken in a series. This is the second of three workshops. The others will take place on April 16th, and April 30th, both starting at 6:00 PM.

Join us for three workshops that explore the meaning of resilience and the role of emergency management, and help individuals develop personal skills and connections to navigate emergency situations. You’ll meet neighbors and community members, learn a lot, and eat some great food!
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The program features a variety of interactive exercises, group discussions, guest speakers, and activities aimed at developing a mindset of resilience in the context of a variety of hazards. Participants who complete the workshop series will be better equipped to build resilience in their communities and increase capacity to help protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors during any emergency.

Please note that each section is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. The first 25 people with desired availability (i.e. are available to attend all three classes) will be accepted. In addition to class time, Better Together workshops also require doing 1-3 hours of homework per week outside of class. Our only requirement to attend these courses is that you commit to all three workshops so that both you and your cohort can get the most value out of them.

Topics covered in the course include neighborhood communications, emergency preparedness skills, emergency management basics, and much much more.

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