Community Engagement Workshop

Hosted by BoCo Strong’ Resilience Network. Open to everyone!

9:00AM to 12:00 PM

Lafayette Public Library
775 Baseline Rd.

Do you Need:
To improve public participation?
To collaborate for collective action?
To build a coalition?

Do You Want:
To Deepen Community?
To Build social resilience?
To Build organizational resilience?

Then let’s talk community engagement! Community engagement should never be just an after thought. If you’re making decisions that affect a wide variety of people then getting their input into the process will help make it stronger and more sustainable in the longterm. If you need buy-in to ideas or want to test out a project or a product then reach out! Learn to engage!

Our community engagement workshop in May will be focused on learning key principles and strategies for engagement; teaching engagement activities; and talking about engagement outcomes. You will leave with a firm foundation in community engagement thinking and a booklet of activities to use in your own campaigns. Engaging with everyone across sectors, geographies, and hierarchies, helps us to build resilience in many ways: By creating new relationships we make our communities stronger. By communicating with each other we open our eyes to the knowledge and skills that exist in the people around us. And by engaging inclusively we make sure that all voices count.

So join us on May 18th and let’s build our engagement skills!
RSVP here or email us to let us know you’re coming!

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