Facilitating Group Learning and Decision Making

Have you ever had a meeting where you need to introduce topics, get feedback, and make decisions all at the same event?
It can be overwhelming, not to mention frustrating, to try and work through material in a group setting and come out with decisions at the end. BoCo Strong is offering a workshop to teach and discuss techniques for facilitating group learning and decision-making. The goal is to help your meetings run more smoothly and assist with time management, quality of discussions, and getting you through your agenda.
We will demo several techniques during the workshop, and you will leave with a handy booklet with lots more activities for you to try on your own. We will also have time for networking and food will be provided. So don’t miss out on our first workshop of the year!
Facilitating Group Learning and Decision Making
Date: March 23rd
Time: 9:00-11:30 AM
Location: Xilinx 3100 Logic Dr. Longmont, CO

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