Kicking off the New Year with BoCo Strong, we are thrilled to offer a special training opportunity with Elizabeth Suarez on January 29th, 2016 from 9 to 11:30am.  The morning will be focused on building inclusivity for individuals and in the workplace so you can leave with a personalized toolset for your experience and professional sphere.

Embracing Inclusiveness to Gain Progressive Outcomes

As our population evolves into more diverse communities, inclusiveness has become a buzzword. However, it really hasn’t been fully implemented in today’s day-to-day life across many organizations and communities. This highly engaging and thought-provoking workshop provides the necessary knowledge and tools that allows participants to implement immediately in small steps.

This workshop is based on the fact that our world is becoming more diverse. Not only are we experiencing diversity in race and ethnicity, but also age, gender, political views, religious beliefs, you name it.

The learning objectives of the workshop are as follows:

Gain a strong understanding of what is inclusiveness and how is definedLearn the realities about inclusiveness. Look at every situation from the “I know/I don’t know” modelThe importance of interfacing with others in an inclusive way to overcome the ‘fish-bowl’ syndromeIdentify skillful inclusive ways to be effective and influential.

We have limited space, so RSVP today!!

BoCo Strong