What do you want to change?

The world?
Income inequality?
The way aging in place is handled in your community?
Your socks?

Participants in BoCo Strong’s Resilience Leadership Program have undertaken the hard task of deciding not only what they want to change about their communities, but figuring out how to decide what they want to change. This intentionality behind community change is a key part of the leadership program. Working through a process of community assessment, involvement, and feedback helps to build new capacities for decision making; promotes inclusion of diverse voices and opinions; teaches thoughtful data analysis; and facilitates the creation of strong partnerships.

Twenty six brave leaders from the five flood-affected communities in Boulder County have stepped up to participate in BoCo Strong’s Resilience Leadership Program. They will spend the year learning how to conduct community assessments, gaining facilitation and communication skills, and identifying projects that will make key changes in their communities. Their work is being supported by Laura Seraydarian, the Project Coordinator from BoCo Strong, and a staff member from each of their communities who will be able to advise them as to policy and existing resources.

Already taking part in their third meeting on March 21st, the groups were energetic and engaged in trying to identify projects that would initiate substantive change in their communities. The group from Longmont, working with Carmen Ramirez, had so many ideas that they were having difficulty choosing just one. They will be spending April working with Laura Seraydarian and Ms. Ramirez to conduct community outreach in order to prioritize specific issues for their area.

The duo of Ms. Schultz and Ms. Elder from Gold Hill has already begun using NextDoor to implement a survey of their constituents. They will use the results of that survey to guide planning of their chosen project. Other groups from Lyons, Boulder, Unincorporated Boulder County, and Jamestown will all be identifying and implementing various methods for community outreach in the month ahead.

We’ll keep you updated on their progress, and what they learn from their community members. In the meantime, let us know what changes you would like to see? How would you start addressing needs in your community?

Chasing resilience alongside you,


Tiernan Doyle
Project Coordinator
BoCo Strong