Member Spotlight: Youth Resilience


Boulder County’s Youth Resilience Program
Led by Heather Crate
Funded by Boulder County Public Health
Key Partners: Boulder Valley School District, OASOS, GENESISTER, Youth Opportunities Advisory Board


The Youth Resilience Program partners with schools and local organizations to advocate for youth, promote resilience, and prevent problems before they start

In order to complement existing programs like GENESISTER and OASOS that support at-risk youth, Heather Crate of Boulder County Public Health is now pioneering a Youth Resilience Program. In conjunction with partner organizations and youth-led focus groups, she has just finished an in-depth assessment process examining what pre-teens and adolescents need to thrive.

The answer? Adults.



Without guidance and acceptance, young people are much more at-risk for a variety of dangerous behaviors. As recent reports on Boulder County suggest that the numbers of homeless and impoverished children are continuing to rise, it is exciting to have the Youth Resilience Program stepping to the forefront. Not only are they leading the way by building strong partnerships with schools, nonprofits, local governments, and youth groups, Heather and her Youth Resilience Program are giving the larger Boulder County community a chance to play a vital role in mitigating risk to our young people and supporting them to become the happy, healthy, and resilient adults that they deserve to be. Consider becoming a mentor or “Askable Adult” for youth in your community.


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