And the Reports Are In!!!

We are so excited to get swinging into 2017!

But before we start our race through January, we’ve been wrapping up our grants and finalizing all our reporting for last year. We’re excited to share all the data and information that our programs have collected over the past year.


We are absolutely thrilled to release the final version of the Resilience Assessment from Dr. Karen MacClune. Using the State of Colorado Resiliency Framework and 100 Resilient Cities Resilience Characteristics, this document brings together information from over 60 interviews conducted with community leaders, experts, and practitioners from across the county. To read or download the document Click Here


BoCo Strong’s Resilience Network has participated in a plethora of activities over the past year and a half. Read through the report to see impacts on local community and more information on the connections created. Click Here Now!


The VOAD network has already tested out its operations and communications plans in response to the Cold Springs Fire that took place in Nederland in July, 2016. Read the BoCo Strong report to learn more about the basics of the VOAD network and its activities in Boulder County. Read All About It Here!

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns?

Email Tiernan and look out for brand new programming in February!