Resilience 101: Why We Work


For us, the foundation of resilience means building connections and relationships that increase our knowledge, abilities, and collective capacity. Strengthening relationships between organizations, individuals, and governmental representatives means that we can talk to each other about successes and failures. We can share ideas and best practices. We can learn new things about our communities. And we can find the right people with the right resources at the right time to help us thrive.

Recognizing that relationships are vital to our well-being, we build projects and programming from a social perspective. We support and strengthen community capacity, disaster resilience, and equitable and adaptive systems through human agency, community empowerment, relationships, and shared lessons learned.

This site is intended to be a space to share current projects, events, and news items as well as partner successes. It will also be a record of our trials and lessons learned as we work to develop and publicize local best practices. Working together we can help all the communities of Boulder County increase resilience from an individual level to region-wide scale.

We will be updating our content as frequently as possible, but please help us out by sharing your own ideas and resilience projects. Here are some ideas for contributing:

Action Items: Build Our Resilience

Get published on the web!

If you have an event you would like posted, a lesson that you’ve learned, or you would like to contribute a blog post, article, or something else then please send it to us! We would love your input.

Check out Resilient Together!

If you would like to post a project of your own for feedback, then please head on over to Resilient Together. That page is the best place to post resilience-related projects for community input. One of our team would also be happy to help you put together a pitch and brainstorm content structure to put on the site.

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Thanks for visiting. We are incredibly excited to continue on this resilience journey with you!

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