Resiliency for All (RFA) is a City of Longmont collaboration with local municipalities and BoCo Strong. This project comes in the aftermath of 2013 flooding throughout Boulder County. The RFA will work to create a bridge between a vulnerable Latino population, community resources and local governments in the City of Longmont and Boulder County.

Identify Barriers

Develop Recommendations

Present Findings

The process of identifying barriers will be done through interviews, focus groups and conversations with Spanish speaking community members, cultural brokers and service providers. Our goal is to hear from a cross section who can share where they have seen and felt gaps or needs in services or resources in Boulder County. Participants will actively develop recommendations to share with municipalities and service organizations in order to work collectively for implementation.

We need your help in 2017!

Get Involved

Schedule a focus group in your home, workplace, community group: We need to connect and include as many voices as possible. Our goal is to reach at least 200 Spanish speaking community members. We will do the coordination and bring in assessment once you have a location to host the conversation to identify barriers to access of services, resources and emergency preparedness or disaster relief. 5-10 individuals is ideal for this format so that everyone can be heard and a 2 hour time commitment is expected of participants.

Share What You Have

Share Spanish language materials that you already have that address emergency preparedness or themes of resilience. Part of the assessment involves meeting with and hearing from industries, agencies, companies from across Boulder County to see what materials already exist, where the best practices already are in place and connect all of these resources to the community that needs them. Any documents that you already have can be shared easily online or through email with the coordinators.

Developing recommendations will come directly from focus groups, conversations and larger events hosted throughout the County in 2017. Suggestions, experiences and best practices will be reviewed by a committee of cultural brokers and BoCo Strong Steering Committee members to formalize specific recommendations.

A committee of cultural brokers will be formed in January to plan for 2017 and participate in 2 larger community events during the period of assessment. BoCo Strong will partner with this work to share their expertise and work already completed. This committee of 6-8 cultural brokers will review information meet formally one time to discuss and create formal recommendations based on data acquired from Oct 2016 through September 2017. A list of final recommendations regarding creating access to resources and connections for Spanish Speakers in our community will be finalized in October 2017.

Presenting findings will occur in the last quarter of 2017 and RFA will participate in three non-profit organizations to share the educational materials as well as final recommendations as outcomes of the RFA project. RFA will also present to local governments and request institutionalization of the community based recommendations found.

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