Resilient Together Is Launched!

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017
Media Contacts:
Greg Guibert, Chief Resilience Officer, 303-441-1924
Brady Delander, Communications, 303-441-4358

City, BoCo Strong launch shared website to foster community resilience

Resilient Boulder, along with BoCo Strong, launched a new website that serves as a place to collaborate on shared solutions, learn from one another and build community to thrive during challenges and change. offers an interactive and easy-to-use platform to forge relationships and highlight opportunities that can be tapped to make for stronger communities, both collectively and as individuals. The website will be the primary location to roll out new resilience projects, send messages and receive feedback. The final City of Boulder Resilience Strategy also will be made available on the website, in both English and Spanish.

“A resilient community not only understands the variety of risks and vulnerabilities but also is able to work together during unpredictable stresses, including environmental, social and economic shocks,” said Greg Guibert, Boulder’s chief resilience officer. “The new website provides a centralized location to house the community’s collective thoughts, concerns and potential solutions to these challenges.”

Among the variety of resources on the website is a Home Preparedness Assessment Program, which offers an in-home consultation to identify actions and improvements that enable homeowners to prepare for and better respond to flood, fire and drought. Cash rebates would then be made available to participants to help cover the costs of these improvements.

“We are excited to help create this website where we can include all voices, big and small, in sharing lessons learned, prioritizing local needs and working together to find the best resilience practices possible to support our communities in Boulder County.” added Tiernan Doyle, resilience network coordinator for BoCo Strong.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability of a community to prepare for and respond effectively to stress. Some of the stresses come on suddenly, such as the 2013 flood, wildfires or illnesses. Others take a toll over time, including economic hardship or social inequality. Resilient communities not only bounce back from these challenges but also “bounce forward,” preserving the quality of life today and improving their legacy for future generations.

Resilient Boulder is part of 100 Resilient Cities, a global initiative aimed at helping cities and communities become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

BoCo Strong is a community resilience building initiative that was created in the wake of the 2013 flood. BoCo Strong focuses on strengthening networks and connections across governmental, geographic, social, economic, and cultural boundaries to help all the residents of Boulder County connect to the resources that they need to thrive in the face of shocks and stressors.