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Attend Resilience Leadership Program events as well as BoCo Strong Quarterly Meetings and other resilience related offerings.

Resilience Leaders and Resilience Teams

Resilience Leaders will serve as a leader and a liaison for the local community they reside in. Each neighborhood or community will have 3-4 Resilience Leaders plus a representative from their local government to form a Resilience Leadership Team. These teams will be supported in leading and engaging their communities in identifying, prioritizing, and implementing projects that increase their community’s well-being.

Program Structure

Laura Seraydarian, the BoCo Strong Resilience and Capacity Building Coordinator, will use a community resilience framework to facilitate the program by providing trainings and engagement activities to assist these leaders. The specific trainings and program design will be tailored to each of the five leadership teams based on their community’s identified needs. Laura will provide technical assistance to the Resilience Leadership Teams in each community throughout the year. Activities will be centered around 3 areas: 1) leadership development around community resilience, 2) assisting communities to prioritize key areas of need, and 3) implementing project(s) in those areas.

Program Outcomes

Resilience Leaders will build relationships with leaders across the county and gain skills and knowledge in: assessing and prioritizing neighborhood/community needs, identifying community stressors, community organizing and facilitation, identifying and connecting with resources, understanding risk and how it relates to your community, grant writing, community-based proposals, and project implementation.

Project Coordinator: Laura Seraydarian

Laura Seraydarian has extensive experience managing and overseeing complex international development projects associated with urban resilience, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, water, gender, and livelihoods. Laura has worked across Asia, the U.S. and Central America building effective partnerships, working cross-functionally with executive leaders and facilitating workshops in multi-cultural settings. Her primary role as project coordinator for BoCo Strong is to build community capacity and relationships within Boulder County.

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