Summit 2017 Feedback

A huge thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out a feedback form about the 2017 Summit! It was really exciting to get your comments and to hear how you’ll use the connections you’ve made as well as the wide variety of topics you’d like to see addressed at future BoCo Strong events. If you haven’t submitted your feedback, but would like to do so, then just click here. Otherwise, read on for the results…


Did you learn something new from the speakers?

Did you find the group activities valuable?

Did you connect with one or more new people?

How will you use those connections?

A new job!

New ideas!

Use them as resources professionally, but also get to know them as friends to increase my personal resilience

To learn more of what our community in Longmont will be doing in preparation of what might happen next

Invite people to appropriate meetings

Collaborating to do a similar event I learned they did in my community (rain barrels)

Increase the capacity of our organization

Each time I attend a BoCo event I meet future community partners or collaborators

Strengthen community participation in my organization

Lots of folks I knew, but many I didn’t and it was really cool to rekindle old conversations

Mapping info and scenario planning

Follow-on discussions regarding theory and practices

To enhance my learning

Do you have any topics that you would like to see addressed at future BoCo Strong meetings?


A food emergency warehouse (if everything breaks down e.g. the computer system)

I would like to know how or see more inclusion from the aging community, the agricultural community, as well as the Oil and Gas Industry because if they are not included in the resiliency discussion, they will not be encompassed into the solution.

Preparedness for people with disabilities

Affordable housing success stories

I would like to see presentations from elected officials and youth

The Latino perspective is critical to strengthening Boulder County

Examining lifestyles and our overuse of fossil fuels; causes of “homelessness” in Boulder County among people who have lived here and no longer can

Hope in the face of fear // climate destruction

More practical steps to assess resilience, instill it, test for it

Other Comments?

Love this!

Love the improv!

Improv group was fantastic!

Excellent information

Thank you!!

Playback was great! Maybe as a keynote

Thank you.

Wonderful job!